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Hindustan Times
A cultural confluence

It was in Würzburg, Germany, that the first meeting took place in 2005. The classical exponents, cradling their respective instruments, the guitar and the sarod, were in the City for solo performances. Guitarist Miguel Guldimann went to see sarod player Ranajit Sengupta perform. However, neither the future nor plans for a collaborative album were discussed. Instead, notes and views were exchanged.
Ranajit and Miguel met again a few months later in Munich. And that was when the ideas assumed concrete musical form. Three years later, talking about their album Anuraag, Miguel refers to it as a child of two cultures, nurtured by parents eager to understand each other 's language. ..
"Because of this training I could write a melody with Miguel, " says Ranajit. After Munich, Miguel visited Ranajit in the latter 's Sonarpur home for another extensive session and the idea for an album took shape. " The best thing about Anuraag is that it is true to Eastern and Western traditions, " says Ranajit, to which Miguel agrees, though he cringes when confronted with the `F ' word, fusion, to describe the 11 compositions on the album. "It is a meeting of two cultures. Before we use the term fusion to define a piece of music, we must realize what it stands for, what it, means, " he says…
Arindam Chatterjee